Under the amendment to Act No. 250/2000 Coll., on the budgetary rules for territorial budgets, as of 21 February 2017 contributory organisations are obliged to compile a budget and a medium-term budget outlook, approved by their founder.

The contributory organisation’s budget is the revenue and cost plan for the calendar year and the medium-term budget outlook is the cost and revenue plan for the two years following the year for which the plan for the calendar year is drawn up.

The duty to publish the draft budget/medium-term budget outlook and the approved budget/medium-term budget outlook is fulfilled by publishing these details on the founder’s website at http://www.msk.cz/verejna_sprava/

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Information pursuant to Act No. 106/1999 Coll.

Mandatory information as defined by Section 5 (3) of Act No. 106/1999 Coll., on free access to information, as amended ("Act"). The Act on free access to information is a generally binding legal standard ensuring the public's right to information held by state authorities, local and regional authorities and their bodies and public institutions, as well as other entities to whom the law has delegated decisions on the rights, legally protected interests or obligations of individuals or legal entities in the field of public administration, solely within the scope of their decision-making competencies. The Act contains an exhaustive list of information that must be disclosed by the obliged entity. Such mandatory information also includes information provided by the obliged entity to individual applicants. According to Section 5 (3) of the Act, the obliged entity must publish such information within 15 days of the provisions of the information on request, in a manner enabling remote access. In the case of information provided in other than electronic form or exceptionally lengthy information provided in electronic form, it is sufficient to publish accompanying information that specifies the content of the above information.

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