The Museum in Bruntál is a contributory organisation of the Moravian-Silesian Region that serves two purposes – as a regional museum, and as the administrator of important cultural heritage sites in northern Moravia - Bruntál Chateau, Sovinec Castle and the Scythe Maker’s House in Karlovice in Silesia.

The Museum in Bruntál is the direct successor to the municipal museum, the origins of which ate back to the period from 1898 through to 1907, when a museum association grew out of a museum society. In 1915 the museum purchased the Gabriel House on the square as its first building. Bruntál Museum, which was the District Museum from 1953, gradually came to manage some of the most important heritage sites in the district: Bruntál Chateau, in which it has been housed since 1957, the ruins of Sovince Castle and the Scythe Maker’s House in Karlovice.

The main roles played by the Museum in Bruntál are as follows:

  • amassing and managing collections of objects, professional documentation and findings acquired during their processing (the museum then presents items from its collections particularly through permanent and temporary exhibitions and its own publication and lecturing activities);
  • management of the historical book collection and the professional public library;
  • organising cultural and educational programmes relating to its activities;
  • the issue and distribution of periodical and non-periodical publications, audio and video recordings;
  • teaching activities within the scope of its specialisation;

the preparation of expert opinions, searches and expertise.